Dinda Ladies Collection | Giraffina Black with Onyx Cabochon


Dinda Ladies Collection | Giraffina Black with Onyx Cabochon

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This geometric print represents the subspecies of Giraffe indigenous to Zimbabwe.  The name Giraffina was given to the animals late in the 1500’s by the Italians, and I like the synergy of this name representing a skin that has been tanned in Italy, by Italian masters, which perfectly reflects the African-European inspiration behind my designs.

The Giraffe has long been considered a mystical symbol of foresight and elegance in African tradition and is revered for its uniqueness.

The Giraffina buckle is set with a single signature oval cabochon of Onyx, defining and highlighting the Giraffe's distinctive spots. 

The Stone

Onyx is a very hard stone and comes in many hues, ranging from white to almost every colour (except blue and purple).  It is probably most commonly recognised as black.  It was used as early as the Second Dynasty in Ancient Egypt to carve intricate bowls and talismans believed to contain evil.  Onyx is mentioned in the Bible several times and was believed to bestow powers of protection and defence.

Today, Onyx is believed to increase strength and stamina, and to enhance self-control.  It alleviates worry and eliminates nightmares.

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