Dinda Ladies Collection | Ingwe with Amber Cabochon


Dinda Ladies Collection | Ingwe with Amber Cabochon

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This realistic print on hand-finished, supple cattle hide represents the Leopard.  Held in high esteem for its strength, agility and stealth in battle, the Leopard has a significant role in traditional African culture.  Only the Chiefs of Shona culture would be allowed to use the skin of a Leopard for hats and mats, and it signifies status and bravery.

The Ingwe buckle is set with a single signature oval cabochon of Amber, representative of the golden eye of this giant, magnificent cat.

The Stone

Amber, whose deep, warm golden colour is immortalized in its name, has been valued for its beauty since man’s history began.  Amber is fossilized tree resin, and often contains pieces of ancient plant and animal life, preserved for millennia in its golden embrace.  In 440 BC Nicias of Athens described it as “a liquid produced by the rays of the sun.”  Sailors hundreds of years ago used to burn amber in the belief that it would ward off sea serpents and protect them from the perilous deep.

Today Amber is believed to have powerful healing properties, which transform negative energies into positive ones.  It clears the mind and eases stress.

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