Dinda Ladies Collection | Soma with Turquoise Cabochon


Dinda Ladies Collection | Soma with Turquoise Cabochon

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The Soma print represents, in negative, the spots on the legs of a bushbuck.  The bushbuck is an African antelope whose geometrical spots cover the most mobile parts of the body.  Encountering one in the bush is a magical experience.

The Soma buckle is set with a single signature oval cabochon of Peruvian Amazonite, adding a splash of colour to the design.

The Stone

Turquoise, with its cheerful blue hue, is the oldest known gemstone in the world, and was set in jewellery as far back as 7000 years ago. It was prized by the Incas and the Aztecs, who believed it brought power and good fortune. The Ancient Egyptians used it to adorn burial masks and tombs, as they believed blue was the colour of regeneration. Desert dwellers trusted it to bring rain, Native Americans used it as a protective amulet, and Tibetans to this day use it for its healing powers.

Turquoise brings protection, peace, and balance and is helpful with careers and travel.

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