Care Instructions

    Bridle leather ranges | Whether your belt is dry or it gets wet, a little neutral shoe cream will go a long way.  Oil and other leather conditioning products will not cause any damage but most will alter the colour of the leather.  If you have a product you are unsure about, try a small area behind before smothering the belt. 

Hair-on ranges | Like a person, your belt will loose some hair over time, this cannot be stopped, but treat it with care and it will last for years.  If the hair is out of place, gently wipe it with a damp cloth going with the grain, then place the belt flat under a towel and a book.  Apply neutral shoe cream to condition the bridle leather backing.  Keep it in its bag, away from moths.

 Your buckle | Firstly unclip the buckle from the belt.  If it is brass, apply Brasso with a soft clean cloth and dab the surface of the buckle, avoiding the stone if possible.  Once coated, take a clean cloth to remove the remaining solution and buff to shine. Should the stone come in contact with the Brasso, wipe it with warm soapy water.

To clean your silver buckle there are several options.  Rub it gently with a silver cleaning cloth | Use a silver polish solution (as above), such as Silvo | Apply silver foam and rinse with hot soapy water.

 ‘With or without being worn I will still age so don’t save me for special occasions, wear me often instead’