Tomo Collection for Ladies | Chestnut with Blue Lace Agate Cabochon 


Tomo Collection for Ladies | Chestnut with Blue Lace Agate Cabochon 

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Made from hand-finished, supple bridle leather, this rich tan belt is an everyday must-have for your wardrobe. Each belt is marked with my signature family cattle brand, and its versatile design allows you to unclip and change buckles when necessary. Only ethically and sustainably produced, genuine cowhide is used.

The softly rounded brass buckle has been entirely designed by me, and displays a single signature oval cabochon of Blue Lace Agate, which adds a splash of almost-pearlescent colour against the intense chestnut leather.  I have carefully selected and hand-set this stone for you.

The Stone

Blue Lace Agate is a delicate,soft, pale blue colour, laced through with stripes of brighter blues and whites, Blue Lace Agate has a gentle, flowing appearance.  It was used for its healing and medicinal properties thousands of years ago, believed to take on the watchfulness of the wearer’s guardian spirit.

Today, Blue Lace Agate is associated with communication, clarity of thought and courage.  It is seen as a stone that provides gentle support and encouragement, giving courage to the timid and strengthening the spirit.

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