Care Instructions

Bridle leather

A little neutral shoe cream will go a long way to protect and nourish your bridle leather belt. Oil and other leather conditioning products will not cause any damage but most will alter the colour of the leather. If you have a product you are unsure about, try a small area on the product first

Hair-on Leather

These articles will lose some hair with wear, this is a natural progression with time, but treated with care you belt/bag will last for years. If the hair is out of place, gently wipe it with a damp cloth going with the grain, then place under a weighted towel. Neutral shoe cream will condition any plain leather backing/lining. Remember to keep it away from moths.

Ostrich Leather

For these products simply apply a small amount of neutral shoe cream, wait two minutes and buff it off.
If you leave the cream on for too long or apply too much at once, it will accumulate around the scales/quills

Common Stains

- Oil | Immediately apply talcum powder and leave for a day, dust off
- Water | This should be dabbed with a dry cloth to absorb the water
Pen/Ink | Avoid contact with these as they will permanently mark leather
All J De La Rue articles have been made from genuine leather and, whether you wear them or not, will age with time.
So don’t keep your piece packed away – use it often and celebrate its beauty.

Your buckle

J De La Rue buckles are designed to unclip from the belt for easy cleaning.
Brass or Bronze buckles do tarnish but can be easily cleaned with a dab of Brasso and a soft clean cloth. Avoid the stone if possible. Once coated, use a clean cloth to remove the remaining solution and buff it to shine. Should the stone come in contact with the Brasso, wipe it down gently with warm soapy water.
Silver buckles can be rubbed gently with a silver cleaning cloth, or cleaned with a dab of silver polish solution (as above), such as Silvo.
Alternatively, apply silver foam and then rinse with warm, soapy water.

All products are designed by Justine & handmade in Africa from the very best materials.
They are made using sustainably & ethically sourced leather which is a by-product of the farming industry.  All Ostrich leather is traceable to the free-range farm it came from where they comply with 5 basic animal care freedoms: Freedom from malnutrition, discomfort, pain, distress and the freedom to express normal behaviour.

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